HOEKZEMA SECURITY: IP Security services for those who care about online security

Last years you came to the conclusion that the internet was not there for you privately. You want to change your online behavior, you want to keep your conversations secure, but without sacrificing the ease of your online experience. Hoekzema Security can help you with that.

Some of the services Hoekzema Security provides:

* Setting up your own PBX with Asterisk in combination with high end encrypted phone calls (VoIP)
* Bulletproof hosting in several countries, including The Netherlands. No one tells you what your website may or may not contain.
* Setting up Tor bridges, Tor relays, Tor exit nodes in countries you want.
* Creating, hosting and administrating Tor Hidden Services. No, not on Windows. Leave this site if you're looking for safe and secure Hidden Services hosting on Windows.
* Public Key Infrastructure services (SSL certificate management)
* Planning, creating and administrating OpenVPN networks. 1 server and 2 clients? Not a problem. 30 servers on 3 continents connected via OpenVPN with IPv6 capabilities? We're here for you.
* Secure emailservices. Yeah, like email is secure. Forget it. Still want it? We can help you with Transport Layer Security connected Mail Transmission Agents (mailservers like Exim and Postfix) and easy to use PKCS#7 enabled Mail User Agents (like Thunderbird and Apple Mail).

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